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Zavvi Christmas Day Deals

OK, I’m stuffed – too much turkey and red wine. Time to surf the sales!

Zavvi have launched their “Christmas Day Deals” – I haven’t spent a lot of time surfing, but I haven’t spotted a lot. Friends complete Blu Ray Collection is £49.99 – if you’d prefer to get it from Zavvi rather than Amazon at the same price. Have a browse and as always, post any bargaintastic finds on the facebook thread!

Zavvi Christmas Day Deals

3 Bluray for £17

A new offer for October is now up at Amazon (I meant to post this yesterday, actually, but as usual life overtook me!) Some good titles included and I have listed a selection below:

Christmas at Downton Abbey
Cast Away (Tom Hanks)
Gladiator (Remastered)

See all titles in the3 Blu-ray for £17 at Amazon

January Sales at Play and Amazon

It’s not even Christmas yet, and already the January sales are trickling through. Already announced are Play’s “Winter Sale”, and Amazon’s “January Sale”.

I’ve not had a chance to look at these offers in detail, but nothing immediately jumps out as “must haves”.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week

Last month we had the Black Friday Deals Week, with regular “lightning deals” for 5 days. Well, Amazon are repeating their lightning deals, starting today and running until next Sunday, with their “Cyber Monday Deals Week”. There’s sure to be some cracking bargains to be had, so take a look:

Cyber Monday Deals Week at Amazon

January Sales Roundup

Well by now you’ll have sorted out all the Christmas shopping, dispatched your Christmas cards and wrapped up all your presents and all that’s left to be done is to sort out the house ready for the imminent arrival of long forgotten relatives on the day itself and perhaps some quick calculations of how long a 20lb Turkey needs to cook in the oven….

Not sound like you?

No, me neither. Still loads to do not least of which is traipsing round the high street for last minute panic buying for relatives who happen to invite themselves round, when surely its their turn this year – we’ve had them 3 years running for goodness sake – can nobody else cook in this family!

Ahem, anyway… In spite of that the big on-line stores are still trying to grab our attention at this late stage by launching their much heralded January Sales, and while I have a moment spare, here is a quick roundup as of December 23rd (or Christmas Eve, Eve – as the kids have christened it…)

Zavvi January Sale – Plus save even more with their voucher code FIVEOFFSALE, spend £50 or over on our sale items and save an extra £5. Only valid on the 26th and 27th December.

Amazon January Bargains

The Hut January Sale January Sale

HMV – DVDs from £2.99

Tesco Price Blitz

Up to 80% off at Asda

Update: Amazon Black Friday Deals

We are going to have to make a change to the way that we report the Amazon Black Friday Deals. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the deals, we can’t keep up – and anyway, it seems that our users aren’t really interested in most of the deals anyway. Which is understandable, as most of the deals are not in any way related to entertainment. So, from tomorrow, we will post only entertainment related deals, such as Blu Ray, DVD, Games and Electronics. Use the AMazon link below to see the current Lightning Deals.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Black Friday Deals – Tuesday 23rd November

A massively disappointing first day of Black Friday Deals at Amazon – some fantastic deals, but you had little chance of getting anything. And it seems even the rubbish deals sold out in seconds, with the spending public in a frenzy to buy anything and everything. However, it seems from the feedback we are getting, some of you did actually manage to pick up some deals. So, against my better judgement, here’s a summary of Tuesday’s deals:

Click here for Tuesdays Black Friday Deals

HMV Bluray Sale Highlights

Spring Savings on Blu-ray at HMV.

HMV are well underway with their spring Sale at the moment so I thought I would point out the hilights; many of which have already been posted on the forum but if you don’t hang out in the forum then these are for you:

Here we have a list of the bluray titles in the HMV Sale which are significantly cheaper than everywhere else (with the notable exception of Amazon, who appear to be price matching)

March Madness at Play

We’ve posted a few of these deals individually – play have a one day sale today across their product ranges, with some really good prices. Definately worth a look.

March Madness (9th March 2010) at Play

Current Sale Roundup

Here’s a roundup of current blu-ray sale activity:

HMV Blu Ray from £6.99 Some fantastic deals to be had in this promotion, with some blu-ray actually less than £6.99 (Beowulf and Grendle, Man Utd Champiosn League Final). The range of £6.99 titles is immense. New titles constantly added.
Amazon Blu Ray 2 for £14 Another great deal that is constantly changing – 2 Blu Ray for £14. Granted, many of these titles also appear in the HMV deal at £6.99, but a lot of them don’t, and can’t be bought cheaper elsewhere. Worth another look. Blu Ray 2 for £18 Generally not quite as good as the Amazon deal, however it does have some fantastic titles in there that can’t be bought cheaper – for example, Gladiator, Mamma Mia and Defiance to name just three.
The Hut Must Own Blu Rays Not so much a sale, but rather a “wish list” of the best blu rays around. It does throw up some bargains, such as Iron Man for £10.83 and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for £10.83 – and most of the new release titles are as cheap as you’ll get them anywhere.

I’ll keep my eyes open for other blu ray sale activity and update when I find them!

Blu-ray for £6.99 at Play

In addition to the 2 Blu-ray for £18 offer at we totd you about yesterday, they are also running a Blu-rays from £6.99 promotion.

£6.99 Titles include:

How to lose friends and Alienate people
Old School

and more…

Click here to Visit

Amazon delivery – now free!

Amazon are unique. They are the biggest and (probably) the best retailer in the UK. Their product range is phenomenal, and their service is second to none. However, they have one big problem – they charge delivery on items less than £5.

Well, with immediate effect, that obstacle to shopping at Amazon has gone. The limit for free super saver delivery has been abolished, meaning FREE DELIVERY on every order, no matter how small! Just in time for Christmas……………

Free Delivery at Amazon!

Amazon Blu-ray BLitz

Ok so, we are all still disappointed that Amazon have finally ended their fantastic 3 for 2 offer which they ran for the best part of 2009. Obviously they’ve seen their blu-ray sales suffer as a result, and so they are trying different offers to tempt us in. The latest is the Blu-ray Blitz(erm sounds familiar this one).

Boasting 70% off their blu-ray range with prices from only £6.98 it includes titles such as:

Total Recall – £6.98
Reservoir Dogs – £6.98
Stargate – £6.98
First Blood – £6.98
First Blood Part 2 – £6.98
Rambo 3 – £6.98
Dirty Dancing – £6.98
Basic Instinct – £6.98
Donkey Punch – £6.98
Saw 4 – £6.98
Eden Lake – £6.98

Click Here For the Full List at Amazon

Hopefully it will keep us going till they see sense and resurrect the 3 for 2 offer

Blu Rays from £6.99 at HMV!

HMV have reduced a number of blu ray movies to just £6.99! Titles at this price include The Golden Compass, 30 Days of Night, Departed, Rambo 4, Next, Spiderwick Chronicles plus a whole lot more.

Blu Ray from £6.99 at HMV

There’s a huge range of Blu Rays under £10 in this sale. Well worth a browse. Read the rest of this blog for an updated list of Blu Rays at the £6.99 and £7.99 price points.


Bourne Blu Rays £10.99 each

cheap bourne blu rayJason Bourne. The greatest spy since James Bond. And with the same initials. Coincidence? I think not. But regardless, the Bourne movies certainly give Mr 007 a run for his money. Jason Bourne is an ex-CIA agent with amnesia. With his country chasing him, he must piece together his memories of the “Treadstone” project before it’s too late…..

£10.99 each at BangCD

Compare Prices

Blu-ray Sales Roundup

Time for another rundown of the best places to get your Blu-ray discs in the January sales:

Not an exhaustive list but if you know of more feel free to add them to the comments. Where applicable I’ll add them to the post.

The Hut 2 Blu-Ray for £24

Cheap Blu-Ray Movies.jpgWilko has already posted the fantastic price for Disney’s Tinkerbell on Blu-ray but in addition to that The hut have launched a new 2 for £24 offer (of which Tinkerbell is a part of). With over 300 Blu-ray titles to chose from including, Casino Royale, I am Legend, Ratatouille, Rambo and of course Many, many more.

Visit the Hut to buy 2 Blu-Ray for £24

Blu-Ray Sales Roundup

There seems to be a few Blu-ray offers around at the moment, so I thought I’d summarise them in one post before the weekend:

3 for 2 on Blu-ray at the Hut

2 Blu-ray for £25 at HMV

2 Blu-ray for £18 at 101cd

3 for 2 on Blu-Ray at

Blu-ray Sale at Gamestation

3 for 2 Blu-ray at Amazon

3 for 2 Blu-ray at Asda

3 for 2 Blu-Ray at Zavvi

3 for 2 at Sendit

Spend £20 save £2 on Blu-ray at Lovefilm

Not an exhaustive list by any means but If you know of any more then feel free to add them to the comments of this post.

2 Blu-ray for £18 at 101cd

101cd are running a 2 Blu-ray Movies for £18 deal at the moment, or if you only want the one movie this weekend then you can pick up individual titles for as little as £9.81.

There are some decent titles included in the 2 for £18 offer incuding:

  • Resident Evil Extinction
  • Rambo
  • Casino Royale
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Vacancy

Click here to see all the titles in the 101cd 2 for £18 deal

10% off Blu-ray at the Hut. Ends August 1st

Cheap Blu-ray.10% off at the Hut.jpg
The image says it all really. Add any blu-ray titles to your basket before midnight August 1 and receive an automatic 10% discount at the Hut.

40% off Blu-Rays at Lovefilm Retail

Lovefilm Retail are getting in on the blu ray act with up to 40% off Selected titles at the Lovefilm store. With titles from £10.93 Including:

  • Underworld – £10.93
  • Underworld: Evolution – £10.93
  • St. Trinian’s – £11.93
  • Ratatouille – £12.93

Or if you’d like to try before you buy you can always take advantage of Lovefilms 14 Day Trial and get your blu-ray discs delivered to your door from as little as £3.99 / Month

2 Blu-Ray Movies for £25 from

Includes such titles as:

and the obligatory Many more…

Check out the Play 2 for £25 blu-ray sale today.

3 for £27 (or 3 for £39) @ Sendit

Sendit have 2 multi-buy deals running at the moment. Their 3 for £27 has a number of titles that are in the Zavvi 2 for £28. So obviously, you’d be better off buying from Sendit, as you are getting an extra blu ray free compared to the Zavvi deal..

cheap 3 for 27 sendit blu rays.gif

They also have a 3 for £39 deal – again, some of these titles are in the Zavvi 2 for £28, meaning you’d save an extra quid over the Zavvi prices.

cheap 3 for 39 sendit blu rays.gif

2 for £28 at Zavvi

And yet another multi-buy deal. Not particularly exciting, however there are some titles that are not available in other similar deals.


For example, you can buy Pirates of the Caribbean Curse Of the Black Pearl and Dead man’s Chest for £28 for the pair – a saving of about £8 on their normal individual price, and cheaper than you’ll get them elsewhere (except

cheap blu ray 2 for 28 zavvi.gif


Blu ray movies from £6 + Shipping at DeepDiscount

If you hurry, you can take advantage of the DeepDiscount 20% discount code and get some reasonable blu ray discs for about £7.50 delivered. Deepdiscount shipping rates are quite steep, but if you buy 2 blu ray’s in each order, the shipping will be approx £1.50 per disc. Remember – keep to 2 movies per order, or you may exceed the customs limit and get hit with a charge! As a rough guide, anything below $35 (excluding shipping) should keep you safely out of the grasp of customs.

They have a few movies to choose from at this price – The Devils Rejects (NOT REGION FREE), The Punisher (Region Free), Stargate (Region Free), Terminator 2 (Region Free) and Total Recall(Region Free) plus some that are a bit rubbish.

Buy from DeepDiscount HERE and use code DDAF or PRICESEARCH to get 20% discount (expires 22nd June)

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