Site Update – A farewell from CBM

Almost 10 years ago, an innovative bargain community was born, CBM, focusing on a fantastic new technology called Blu Ray. 10 years later, we have helped save hundreds of thousands of people many millions of pounds on their Blu Ray purchases.

But all good things must come to an end. The world has changed, and sites like ours can no longer compete with the cash-back sites and changing viewing habits. We were never interested in becoming rich from CBM; as long as the site covered it’s hosting costs then we were happy to continue. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Despite tens of thousands of price searches using our price comparison tool every month, and hundreds of daily unique visitors, we can’t even cover our monthly hosting bill. It’s disappointing when we provide the price search technology, only for the user to then buy through a cash-back site. We get a few pence for every item you buy through the links on our site, and we rely on that revenue to cover our fairly substantial costs.

So, it is with regret that CBM will soon be no more. We are immediately halting our advent competitions, and serving notice on our dedicated servers. So feel free to continue to use our price comparison for the rest of December, but we expect to be offline early January 2016.

So, thanks for the ride people, and particular thanks to StevieTee, my original partner in crime and site developer. It’s been emotional. Over and out.

Wilko and Hardstep.

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