Competition Update

So, we are now 5 days away from the end of our first monthly give away. I’d like to just clarify the rules.

1) Any LIKES received on a post from that calendar month will qualify as “1 entry” into the monthly giveaway.
2) If the post is SHARED or a COMMENT made on the post, a further entry to the monthly giveaway is recorded.
3) There is no limit to how many posts in that calendar month an individual user can like/share/comment on.

1) Any retweets of any of the tweets posted for that calendar month will qualify for “1 entry” into the monthly giveaway.

The lucky winner will be chosen at random from all qualifying entries, and will be offered a choice from a selection of Blu Rays, usually new or recent Blu Ray releases from that month.

Why are we doing this? Simple. Most people use Facebook and Twitter to catch up with their favourite subjects. The days of blogs and forums are numbered, social media is where it’s all happening. However, the Facebook newsfeed does not actually show you everything; it shows you what it thinks you might like.

When you like a page, it is reasonable to think that you will see all updates from that page, and actually, that’s probably what you want. That’s not how it works – Facebook only show you approximately 1 IN 20 of the posts from a “liked” page. The only way to see more is to INTERACT with the page by liking/commenting/sharing.

So by liking our posts, this tells Facebook that the post is interesting and they will show it to more of our followers. It helps us to reach more people with great Blu Ray deals.

Many thanks people!

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