Advent Competitions 2013

It’s that time of the year again, and our thoughts turn towards the annual CBM Advent Competitions. From the 1st of December, we will have 5 top Blu Rays to give away, with prizes changing every few days! Further details to follow, so stay tuned!

Advent Prize 1: 1st-3rd December – Despicable Me 2 Blu Ray
Advent Prize 2: 4th-6th December – Man of Steel Blu Ray
Advent Prize 3: 7th-9th December – Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Blu Ray
Advent Prize 4: 10th-12th December – Disney Pixar Planes Blu Ray
Advent Prize 5: 13th-15th December – Olympus Has Fallen Blu Ray

Stay tuned and good luck!

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