Amazon Blu-ray BLitz

Ok so, we are all still disappointed that Amazon have finally ended their fantastic 3 for 2 offer which they ran for the best part of 2009. Obviously they’ve seen their blu-ray sales suffer as a result, and so they are trying different offers to tempt us in. The latest is the Blu-ray Blitz(erm sounds familiar this one).

Boasting 70% off their blu-ray range with prices from only £6.98 it includes titles such as:

Total Recall – £6.98
Reservoir Dogs – £6.98
Stargate – £6.98
First Blood – £6.98
First Blood Part 2 – £6.98
Rambo 3 – £6.98
Dirty Dancing – £6.98
Basic Instinct – £6.98
Donkey Punch – £6.98
Saw 4 – £6.98
Eden Lake – £6.98

Click Here For the Full List at Amazon

Hopefully it will keep us going till they see sense and resurrect the 3 for 2 offer

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