January Sales Roundup

Well by now you’ll have sorted out all the Christmas shopping, dispatched your Christmas cards and wrapped up all your presents and all that’s left to be done is to sort out the house ready for the imminent arrival of long forgotten relatives on the day itself and perhaps some quick calculations of how long a 20lb Turkey needs to cook in the oven….

Not sound like you?

No, me neither. Still loads to do not least of which is traipsing round the high street for last minute panic buying for relatives who happen to invite themselves round, when surely its their turn this year – we’ve had them 3 years running for goodness sake – can nobody else cook in this family!

Ahem, anyway… In spite of that the big on-line stores are still trying to grab our attention at this late stage by launching their much heralded January Sales, and while I have a moment spare, here is a quick roundup as of December 23rd (or Christmas Eve, Eve – as the kids have christened it…)

Zavvi January Sale – Plus save even more with their voucher code FIVEOFFSALE, spend £50 or over on our sale items and save an extra £5. Only valid on the 26th and 27th December.

Amazon January Bargains

The Hut January Sale

Play.com January Sale

HMV – DVDs from £2.99

Tesco Price Blitz

Up to 80% off at Asda

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