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Life of Pi 3D + Blu-ray + UV Copy £8.99

cheap life of pi 3D blu rayFantastic uplifting cinematic experience !…Life of Pi is one of my favourite films and now you can pick it up for £8.99 on 3D Blu Ray and UV.

Life of Pi 3D Blu Ray £8.99 at Amazon

3D Disney Blu Ray at £10

There seems to be a lot of 3D bargain Blu Ray’s around, which is great for those of us with 3D TV’s. And HMV are currently offering you some cracking 3D Disney titles for just £10 – as found by Christopher Leech on our Facebook page! Many thanks Christopher! Choose from the following:

Toy Story 3D Blu Ray
Toy Story 2 3D Blu Ray
Toy Story 3 3D Blu Ray
Up 3D Blu Ray
John Carter 3D Blu Ray
Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Blu Ray

Coraline 3D Blu Ray £4.17

cheap coraline 3d blu rayA great price for a 3D title – perfect if you’ve just bought a 3D TV and have nothing to show it off! This edition is the “proper” 3D version, requiring a 3D TV – NOT the version bundled with the red/green 3D glasses.

Coraline 3D Blu Ray £4.17 at Amazon

£20 off £100 Technology spend at Sainsbury’s

Seems like a good deal if you are looking to buy a Blu Ray player (or TV, iPod etc) – save £20 on a £100 spend in Sainsbury’s technology department. Simply use the link below and use code FN39-XLGX-VCTR at checkout. Valid until the 30th September 2011.

Save £20 on £100 spend at Sainsbury’s

Gnomeo and Juliet Blu-ray

Gnomeo & Juliet 3D.jpgGnomeo and Juliet. If there was ever an example of a movie where the title was thought up in in the pub and the script written on the back of it, then this surely has to be it. Gnomeo and Juliet – Its like Romeo and Juliet, but with Gnomes. Geddit?

Anyway without giving to much away, this take on the Shakespearian classic is set in fair Verona Drive where Gnomeo and Juliet are 2 different coloured Gnomes from different gardens and feuding homeowners, separated by a large garden fence. Driven by circumstance, the meet and fall instantly in love, which brings with it a set of trials and tribulations unique to those of the Gnomic pursuasion. Chock full of scenes of mild peril and Shakespearian paraphrasing (“A weed by any other name, is still a weed”), Gnomeo and Juliet is an entertaining adventure for kids with enough nods to the the grown ups to keep them engaged as well.

Also available on 3D Blu-ray Gnomeo and Juliet is due for release on the 6th June.

Buy Gnomeo and Juliet from Amazon Today.

Compare Prices of Gnomeo and Juliet on Blu-ray

Samsung 50″ 3D TV with 3D Blu Ray £899

cheap samsung PS50C680 3D TV3D Blu Ray is finally reaching us at an affordable price. Launched earlier this year, quite frankly the prices were ridiculous, and there was little in the way of content. However, fast forward 6 months, and we now have a number of decent 3D Blu Ray titles available with more coming before Christmas – and Sky 3D is now available for Sky HD subscribers. And with the launch of US electrical giant BestBuy in the UK, we now have 3D TV and Blu Ray packages at under £900 delivered. This model is a 50″ plasma model – with 3D, size is most definately important, with my recommendation being a minimum of 50″ to really immerse yourself in the experience. This Samsung PS50C680 3D Plasma also comes with USB support, so you can watch your DivX movies directly on the big screen. And the Blu Ray Player? A Samsung BD-C5900 complements the TV, with DivX playback and Internet@TV – offering playback of YouTube and BBC iPlayer, amongst others. A fantastic package at a fantastic price. It does say “available to order from 25th November”, however it does let you buy immediately.

Samsung PS50C680 3D Plasma TV Package £899 at BestBuy

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