Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Preview!

Amazon have announced their annual Black Friday Deals Week – a full week of lightning deals starting Monday 24th! We will keep you updated throughout the week with the best deals out there.

However, they have launched a number of deals early and they are available today!

Fringe Complete Season 1-5 Blu Ray £24.99 – Available NOW
Watchdogs PS4 Game – Available 6PM SATURDAY 22nd
James Bond 007 – 22 film Blu Ray collection – Available 6PM SATURDAY 22nd

Keep your eyes open, there’s usually some fantastic prices throughout the week!

Black Friday Deals Week at Amazon

Captain Phillips Bluray £7.88

cheap captain phillips blu rayFantastic movie for all you Tom Hanks fans…price did dip to 6.98 the other day…but at £7.88 it is still a bargain !. Keep your eyes peeled for price drops on the run up to black friday !.

Captain Phillips Blu Ray £7.88 at Amazon

Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray – £13.99

cheap zavvi captain america blu raySome good blu ray bargains at Zavvi at the moment, this one is Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray

Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray

Steelbook Sale at Zavvi

cheap zavvi steelbook blu raySome cheap steelbook exclusives at Zavvi. The following list is a mix of DVD and Blu Ray steelbooks, but persevere as there are some massive bargains on some fantastic steelbooks in there.

Zavvi Steelbook Sale

Life of Pi 3D + Blu-ray + UV Copy £8.99

cheap life of pi 3D blu rayFantastic uplifting cinematic experience !…Life of Pi is one of my favourite films and now you can pick it up for £8.99 on 3D Blu Ray and UV.

Life of Pi 3D Blu Ray £8.99 at Amazon

Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy Blu ray £16.99

cheap lord of the rings extended blu rayAn amazing price for an amazing Blu Ray set – the extended Blu Ray set for just £16.99.

LOTR Extended Blu Ray £16.99 at ZAVVI

Godzilla Blu Ray £13

cheap godzilla blu rayComing Monday is Godzilla – the 2014 remake, this time without the frankly rubbish performance of Matthew Broderick and instead starring Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sally Hawkins. IMDB ratings are significantly better than the 1998 movie, so if you like your monsters big then this is the movie for you.

Godzilla Blu Ray £13 at Amazon

Kill Bill Vol 1 + 2 Blu Ray £8

cheap kill bill blu ray I’m huge fan of Quentin Tarantino films…these films are one of his finest !. Grab yourself both Vol 1 and 2 for the bargain price of £8. £4 each in glorious blu-ray format gonna grab me a copy right now ! ;-)

Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 Blu Ray £8

Ted Extended Blu Ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy £4

cheap ted blu ray Old film now – but still hilarious !…Grab Ted Extended Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy for the bargain price of £4 !!!

Ted Extended Blu Ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy £4

Hobbit Limited Edition Steelbook Blu Ray £6.48

cheap hobbit blu rayGrab the amazing Hobbit Limited Edition Steelbook version of this great film for only £6.48

Hobbit Limited Edition Steelbook Blu Ray £6.48

X-Men and the Wolverine Admantium Collection Blu Ray £16.50

cheap x-men admantium blu rayIt’s all about Amazon today! Another big price drop, this time on this 6 movie Blu Ray set, which includes the 3D edition of “The Wolverine”.

X-Men and The Wolverine Admantium Collection Blu Ray £16.50

Metallica: Through The Never 3D Blu Ray £6.80

cheap metallica through the never blu rayMetallica’s “Through The Never” is a concert movie with a bit of a backstory from the world’s greatest ever heavy metal band. But then again, I’m biased, having seen them live 6 times now. £6.80 for a 3D Blu Ray is a decent enough bargain anyway, but when it’s Metallica it’s a must-buy.

Metallica Through The Never 3D Blu Ray £6.80

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