Kindle Fire HDX from £99

cheap amazon kindle fire hdxThe latest version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is the Kindle Fire HDX. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions, it’s currently available from Amazon from as little as £99 (for the 16GB version). These tablets are very highly rated and are user friendly.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX from £99

Black Friday Deals – An Update

It’s almost upon us – Black Friday. While Amazon have had a full week of deals, most retailers are pulling out the stops with deals starting at midnight tonight (Thursday).

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the deals, there’s absolutely no point in us posting the deals here on our website; most people now engage with us through Twitter, Facebook and via our email feed. So we have decided to post the Black Friday deals on our Facebook page only.

Follow us on Facebook here to keep abreast of Black Friday as it happens……

Google Chromecast £20

cheap google chromecastA departure from the Amazon Black Friday deals which seem to be taking over the world, Currys PC World currently have the excellent Google ChromeCast for just £20, rather than the usual £30. You also receive a 3 month Now TV subscription and 90 day unlimited music from Google Play.

Google Chromecast £20 at Currys

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Tuesday

Monday proved to be a good day for deal hunters, with some terrific prices in the Amazon Black Friday Deals. Well, tuesday is another day, and another load of deals are on the way!

Kindle Fire HDX from £99.00 – all day
GODZILLA (2014) Blu Ray or DVD – 8:00AM
Edge of Tomorrow DVD – 8:10AM
Elgato Game Capture HD Game Recorder – 8:40AM
101 Dalmations / 101 Dalmations 2 DVD or Blu Ray – 9:10AM
Mulan / Mulan 2 DVD – 9:10AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD – 9:10AM
Peter Pan 1 and 2 Blu Ray – 10:10AM
Downton Abbey Series 1-3 Blu Ray – 10:10AM
Malcolm in the Middle Complete Collection DVD – 10:10AM
Superman 5 Movie Blu Ray Collection – 11:10AM
Blended Blu Ray – 11:10AM

We’ll try and keep the list updated on our Facebook page throughout Tuesday – but use the following link to keep up to date, as Amazon keep adding deals throughout the day!

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Tuesday

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Monday Deals!

It’s here, Black Friday Deals Week at Amazon. Some great deals promised, and they usually don’t disappoint!

Not much there yet, in fact there’s only 2 items confirmed (X-Men: Days of Future Past DVD and Vax Handheld Steamer) but that’ll quickly change overnight and into the morning, with the first deals live at 8AM.

We’ll keep you posted, but keep checking the following link to stay updated.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Monday

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week – Preview!

Amazon have announced their annual Black Friday Deals Week – a full week of lightning deals starting Monday 24th! We will keep you updated throughout the week with the best deals out there.

However, they have launched a number of deals early and they are available today!

Fringe Complete Season 1-5 Blu Ray £24.99 – Available NOW
Watchdogs PS4 Game – Available 6PM SATURDAY 22nd
James Bond 007 – 22 film Blu Ray collection – Available 6PM SATURDAY 22nd

Keep your eyes open, there’s usually some fantastic prices throughout the week!

Black Friday Deals Week at Amazon

Captain Phillips Bluray £7.88

cheap captain phillips blu rayFantastic movie for all you Tom Hanks fans…price did dip to 6.98 the other day…but at £7.88 it is still a bargain !. Keep your eyes peeled for price drops on the run up to black friday !.

Captain Phillips Blu Ray £7.88 at Amazon

Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray – £13.99

cheap zavvi captain america blu raySome good blu ray bargains at Zavvi at the moment, this one is Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray

Captain America Winter Soldier 3D Blu Ray

Steelbook Sale at Zavvi

cheap zavvi steelbook blu raySome cheap steelbook exclusives at Zavvi. The following list is a mix of DVD and Blu Ray steelbooks, but persevere as there are some massive bargains on some fantastic steelbooks in there.

Zavvi Steelbook Sale

Life of Pi 3D + Blu-ray + UV Copy £8.99

cheap life of pi 3D blu rayFantastic uplifting cinematic experience !…Life of Pi is one of my favourite films and now you can pick it up for £8.99 on 3D Blu Ray and UV.

Life of Pi 3D Blu Ray £8.99 at Amazon

Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy Blu ray £16.99

cheap lord of the rings extended blu rayAn amazing price for an amazing Blu Ray set – the extended Blu Ray set for just £16.99.

LOTR Extended Blu Ray £16.99 at ZAVVI

Godzilla Blu Ray £13

cheap godzilla blu rayComing Monday is Godzilla – the 2014 remake, this time without the frankly rubbish performance of Matthew Broderick and instead starring Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sally Hawkins. IMDB ratings are significantly better than the 1998 movie, so if you like your monsters big then this is the movie for you.

Godzilla Blu Ray £13 at Amazon

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